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Running a rankings report


Choose a campaign to run a rankings report on. You can either run a report on a single campaign or on a group of campaigns.

Once you have made your selection, press the button which will open a window to this screen:

This is where the report is run. The system checks each one of your keywords/phrases against each search engine associated with that campaign.
If a match is found, this is highlighted and stored in a temporary database. IMPORTANT: The final report is recorded in to the main database ONLY when the report is finished. This is to prevent recording only partial reports should you quit out before the report is complete.

When the system has finished checking all the search engines, a dialogue box appears in the top left hand side. This allows you to pause the campaign and review the results more closely by pressing the now enabled 'details' buttons. Once you have finished reviewing, you must press the green 'move on to next Jeyword' button to resume the campaign.

If you just leave the system alone during this time, it will automatically advance to the next keyword/phrase in the campaign.

When all keywords/phrases have been checked, the report has finished running and you can close the window down. This will then refresh the main listings frame to update the 'date report last run' field.

You can now view the results of this report by clicking the button.


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